Aquaponics 800 System


The Pentair Aquaponics System 800 utilizes an integrated design to deliver a controlled and balanced growing environment for both fish and plants. This system features a mix of state-of-the-art equipment and a full complement of Sweetwater® filtration and aeration equipment for an efficient, reliable and user-friendly package. With an expected feed conversion ratio of 1.5 and greater than 90% survival for fish and plants the producer could achieve 750 pounds of fish production and 650 units of leafy greens annually. That equates to 1,000 fish fillets each year for a small household!


Bead Filtration System 

• Taurus™ 110 Energy Efficient Aquaculture-Duty Centrifugal Pump.
• Sweetwater® Bead Filter for removal of solids.
• SMART UV® Sterilizer inactivates potentially-harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and algae.
• Rugged Schedule 80 PVC plumbing and true union Asahi valves.
• Bypass lines to facilitate filter or lamp replacement. 

Aquaponics System 800 Specs

Sweetwater Low-Space Bioreactor 

• Fully automatic, self-adjusting and continuously self-cleaning. Utilizes moving bed bioreactor technology to control ammonia and nitrite. 

Plant Trays 

• Two 36-inch x 36-inch plant trays supported by a powdered coated stainless steel stand. 


• Sweetwater Air Diffusers provides supplemental oxygen to the fish tanks, grow trays and low-space bioreactor.
• Sweetwater Linear Diaphragm Pump powers the air diffusers and airlifts.


• Circular tanks result in concentrated solids exiting through a center drain to filtration.
• External standpipes set tank water level and eliminate unnecessary plumbing from remaining in fish tank.

For more information on the equipment or system drawings, visit Aquaponics System 800 Product Page.

 With state-of-the-art equipment and an expert to see your project through ...

Meet Aquaponics expert, Jason Danaher, Ph.D. 

Jason Danaher Bio

Dr. Jason Danaher received his Ph.D. in fisheries and aquaculture from Auburn University. He has worked with warm water aquaponics systems for the past 12 years and other methods to integrate aquaculture with horticulture. He also has experience with tilapia and freshwater prawn production systems.

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