Aquaponics Technology & Design Workshop

The Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Aquaponics Technology and Design Workshop is a 4.5-day workshop that covers every aspect of commercial aquaponics, from system design to plant and fish production to marketing and economics. You'll get hands-on instruction from the Pentair AES team and some of the industry's most renowned experts.  
Aquaponics Workshop


Pioneering The Commercialization of Aquaponics

RAS Filtration

The world is fast approaching the advent of a farming revolution. Water and energy shortages, urban food deserts and pollution of soils and waterways are driving a need for sustainable farming of nutritious food. Aquaponics is the future of farming and Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems is committed to accelerating the commercialization of these innovative systems. Our mission is to partner with entrepreneurs, businesses and investors engaged in large-scale commercial aquaponics ventures to ensure long-term success—yours.

Our goal is to create a community built on trust. This means always providing reliable product and system advice. Through deep knowledge we strive to earn your loyalty and be regarded as your best possible resource for unbiased product recommendations and sales.

Whether you’re in need of design services for a new operation or the technology and support of an existing farm, we will provide the expertise and equipment to address your needs.

With more than three decades of experience in aquaculture and aquatic gardening, our team can support you in the design, installation and engineering of large-scale aquaculture systems, urban farms, aquaponics/hydroponics systems, rainwater collection structures, backyard growing systems and more. Our projects include one of the largest urban commercial aquaponics systems in the world in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, as well as a number of other aquaponics and hydroponics systems worldwide. With a world-class team of designers, engineers, horticulturists and biologists backed by the global resources of Pentair, we’re here to ensure you succeed.

Expertise in Full Supply

Far more than a catalog supply house with the broadest equipment selection in the industry, we are set apart by our staff of engineers and technicians with real-world experience. This team of experts can design and install a complete large-scale system to your specifications in any environment. Or, if you have an existing operation, they’ll help you select the optimal plants and fish for your individual climate, choose the proper nutrients needed for each plant variety and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems is your sole resource for building a successful operation.

Hamms Brewery

Hamm’s Brewery Project with Urban Organics

Formerly Stockhouse No. 3 for Hamm’s Brewing Co. in St. Paul, Urban Organics redeveloped this 106-year-old building into an aquaponics facility for organic fish and greens production. With Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems’ expertise and equipment backing the endeavor, the six-story urban building will eventually house eighteen 3,500-gallon fish tanks and generate more than 1,000,000 pounds of produce per year. The first crop of greens to hit the market September 2013, and has been thriving ever since. Learn more about it at

Green Sky Growers Sustainable Rooftop Farm

GreenSky GrowersPentair Aquatic Eco-Systems is at the forefront of rooftop and urban growing systems. Green Sky Growers, our rooftop greenhouse facility in Winter Garden, Florida, is the site of breakthrough research, agricultural techniques and product innovation. Our state-of-the-art facility combines climate control technology with conventional and innovative growing techniques to provide fish and produce to restaurants, grocers, co-ops and even our local farmers’ market. Learn more about it at

If It Matters to You, It Matters to Us

Whether you’re a commercial grower in search of newer, more profitable agricultural opportunities, or a homeowner seeking to grow plants or fish more efficiently, Pentair is your single-source solution for design ideas, troubleshooting and installation assistance. Turn to our expertise and global network of solutions—all focused on your success.

Stability and Innovation You Can Count On

Pentair is the global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of equipment, technology and engineered solutions for the handling and treatment of water. Our global reach ensures that cleaner crops will remain at the forefront of aquatic research technology for years to come. If it matters to you, it matters to us.