Aquaculture Aeration Questionnaire

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Company Name
Project Name
Mailing Address*
Your system consists of Ponds Raceways Tanks
Is your system? Recirculation Flow-through Partial Recirculation
Is your system? Hatchery Production/Grow-out Both
Please provide the dimensions of each system component (include units):
Quantity Length Width Height (Water Depth)
Quantity Length Width Height (Water Depth)
Quantity Length Width Height (Water Depth)
Quantity Length Width Height (Water Depth)
What species are you raising?
What is the average temperature? °C °F
Size and total weight of fish in each system component (at maximum)
Are you exchanging water? Yes No
If yes, how much? % per day or GPM/Unit
Current dissolved oxygen levels (if known)
  A.M. P.M. PPM
  PPM at Inflow
Do you currently have aeration in place? Yes No
If yes, what type?
How does it perform?
Do you have solids filtration or biofiltration? Solids Biofiltration Both
If yes, explain type
Do you have any special concerns in water quality parameters regarding: (check all that apply)
Gas supersaturation Temperature Ammonia/Nitrite levels
Heavy Metals pH Other
What is your maximum anticipated feeding tank/pond?
Food per day lbs  kg
Protein content (if known)
What is your feeding method? Automatic feeder Hand feed
Is electrical power available at the site? Yes No
Available power Volts Phase amps Hz
If power is not available at the site, how far away is it? Feet
What do you wish to accomplish? (goals):
You may be contacted for a sketch. Please have one prepared. Sketch your system as if you were looking down from above. Include approximate dimensions. Please indicate approximate depths at various points. Also indicate the location of the power source, any existing aerators, prevailing wind direction, and the inlet and outlet flow (if any) through the facility.