Regenerative Blowers

Regenerative blowers are one of the most cost effective ways to move large volumes of air, and they have become the industry standard for aquaculture aeration and fish ponds. At Pentair AES, we offer a range of regenerative blowers to fit your needs. Choose from Sweetwater, Whitewater, and high-pressure blowers, as well as blower packages. We also carry high efficiency blowers, remote-drive blowers, and a great selection of regenerative air blower parts, such as air filters, bleed valve assemblies, and heat dissipating pipe.

A regenerative blower has only one moving part – an impeller – which doesn't touch anything but the air. As such, it needs no lubrication or seals that need to be replaced. This means that a regenerative blower requires very little maintenance or monitoring, and it's very inexpensive to operate. It also generates little noise or vibration, which makes these blowers ideal for aquaculture and pond aeration uses. They are typically preferred for relatively shallow ponds, but the depth depends on the specific blower you choose.

Check out the variety of quiet and reliable regenerative blowers available from Pentair AES. We carry blowers ranging from 0.125 HP up to 11.5 HP, as well as a range of outlet sizes, number of filters, voltages, and more. Not sure what you need? Call our knowledgeable sales team at 1-877-347-4788, and our friendly staff will help you find the right regenerative blower for your aeration project.

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