Meters and kits to measure pH in water.

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  1. Hanna® pHep5, 0 to 14.00

    Hanna® pHep5, 0 to 14.00


    These easy-to-use pH pens are waterproof and will float. They feature automatic shut-off, temperature compensation, replaceable electrodes, hold function, stability indicator and temperature readings in either ºC or ºF. Choose pen with sensitivity in tenths (98127) or hundredths (98128).

    Pens weigh only 3 oz, measure 7" L x 2" W. Use four 1.5V button cell batteries (included). One-year warranty on pens, six-month on electrodes. Calibration solutions sold separately.

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  2. pH/Temp Testers

    pH/Temp Testers

    From: $20.69

    To: $202.78

    These floating testers have a large LCD, push-button calibration with buffer recognition (can be calibrated to 3 points), auto shut-off after 8.5 minutes, automatic temperature compensation and a user-replaceable double-junction sensor. These testers will float if dropped in water. The pHTestr® meter 10 reads -1.0 to 15.0, the pHTestr® 20 and 30 read -1.00 to 15.00 and the pHTestr® 30 has simultaneous temperature display in ºC or ºF. All have self-diagnostic messages such as battery power indicator and a hold function to freeze values for future use. Measures 1.5" W x 6.5" long, weighs 0.3 lb. One-year instrument warranty, six-month electrode warranty. Calibration solutions sold separately. Learn More
  3. EcoSense pH100A pH/Temp Meter

    EcoSense pH100A pH/Temp Meter

    From: $54.99

    To: $411.98

    The YSI® EcoSense® pH100A measures pH and temperature (ORP requires separate probe) quickly and accurately. The electrode offset recognition functiondisplays electrode efficiency and indicates when it is time to replace the pH electrode. Features include internal buffer recognition, auto/manual temperature compensation and a large LCD display that simultaneously displays pH or mV and temperature (ºC only). Electrodes with 3' (1 m) cables are available in pH or combination pH/mV. Two-point pH calibration. Cables are waterproof over their whole length. 9V batteries included. Measures 7" x 3". Order meter and probe separately. One-year warranty on meter, six months on probes. Calibration solutions sold separately.

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  4. EcoSense® PH10A PH/TEMP PEN

    EcoSense® PH10A PH/TEMP PEN

    From: $4.99

    To: $168.98

    The EcoSense® pH10A pH/Temperature pen features one-hand operation, 50-set memory and low cost. The pH10A is part of the EcoSense® family of products. It's the perfect instrument for economical spot sampling of pH and temperature in many applications including wastwater, surface water, aquaculture, hydroponics, pools, and education. Learn More
  5. Pinpoint® pH Meter

    Pinpoint® pH Meter

    From: $12.79

    To: $152.88

    The Pinpoint® PH370 meter is a great little pH meter at a very affordable price. The detachable probe with its 10' cable uses a BNC connector. It has built-in slope and calibration adjustments but is not temperature compensated (if you take measurements anywhere near room temperature, the temperature error will be negligible). Two-point calibration.

    The digital display is easy to read, even in full sun. Two-year warranty on the meter only. Measures 5.5" L x 3" W, weighs just 0.3 lb.

    • Includes pH probe, 10’ cable, calibration solutions #7 & #10, and 9V battery
    • Not waterproof nor water-resistant


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