Meters and kits to measure ORP in water.

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  1. YSI® Pro1020 pH/ORP/DO/Temperature Meter

    YSI® Pro1020 pH/ORP/DO/Temperature Meter

    From: $13.99

    To: $1,992.95

    Rugged and reliable, the YSI® Pro1020 provides everything you need in a handheld instrument for the measurement of either pH or ORP, along with temperature and dissolved oxygen. The internal barometer, Quick Cal feature, and simple interface make getting accurate data extremely simple.

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  2. Calibration Solutions

    Calibration Solutions

    From: $9.19

    To: $91.76

    The easiest way to calibrate a pen or meter in the field

    Milwaukee standard calibration solutions are available in 230-mL bottles and 20-mL sachets. Traditional buffer solutions are packed in 230-mL leak-proof bottles and are recommended for lab application. Sachets are sealed against light and air and are ideal for on-the-spot calibration. Simply open, insert the tester or electrode into the sachet and calibrate. Sachets are sold in boxes of 25 pieces.

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  3. EcoSense ORP15A ORP Temperature Pen Tester

    EcoSense ORP15A ORP Temperature Pen Tester

    From: $26.29

    To: $316.97

    The YSI® ECOSENSE® ORP15A pen-style meter takes absolute and relative ORP readings from -1,100 to +1,100 mV with this affordable instrument.

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  4. PINPOINT® ORP Meter


    From: $4.19

    To: $233.37

    This little meter offers ORP data at a very affordable price. Detachable probe with 10' cable uses BNC connector and is accurate to ±1 mV. Learn More
  5. Reagent Refills

    Reagent Refills

    From: $6.69

    To: $45.19

    Reagent refills for LMAQ2, LMAQ3 and LMAQ4. Learn More

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