Meters and kits to measure ammonia in water.

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  1. Ammonia



    Reagents for YSI® photometers include chemicals for 250 tests.

    Note: Products below with * are not recommended for saltwater testing.


    YSI® is a registered trademark of YSI, Inc. 


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  2. Water Quality Test Strips

    Water Quality Test Strips

    Starting at: $12.09

    These small test strips provide a rapid means of checking water quality.

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  3. Test Strips

    Test Strips

    Starting at: $13.49

    Each vial of test strips features a leakproof, hinged, pop-top lid and a wrap-around desiccant liner to protect strips from moisture intrusion. The multi-strips have 5 different tests (alkalinity, pH, nitrite, nitrate and hardness) on one strip. Test strips are both fresh and salt water compatible.

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  4. LaMotte® Ammonia-Nitrogen Test Kits

    LaMotte® Ammonia-Nitrogen Test Kits

    Starting at: $23.59

    To know how toxic ammonia is to your fish, you must know the ammonia level, the pH level and the temperature. A total ammonia level of 10 ppm may not be harmful to trout at a pH of 6.0, but it would be deadly if the pH were 7.0. The test kits measure total ammonia. Learn More
  5. Smart3 Reagent Systems

    Smart3 Reagent Systems

    Starting at: $17.89

    Reagents are designed to avoid test interferences, making results fast and dependable. Shipping weight is 1 lb for each reagent. Learn More
  6. Reagent Refills

    Reagent Refills

    From: $6.69

    To: $45.19

    Reagent refills for LMAQ2, LMAQ3 and LMAQ4. Learn More

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