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Sparus 160 Energy-Efficient Aquaculture Duty 50HZ Pumps PART #: P-SPR-071-AQ to P-SPR-303E2-AQ

Sparus 160 Energy-Efficient Aquaculture Duty 50HZ Pumps

Sparus™ 160 pumps offer extremely high water flow in a quiet, energy-efficient package making them effective in a wide range of Aquaculture applications. Saltwater compatible, corrosion-resistant plastic construction, 316SS stainless steel internal fasteners, oversized anti-blocking strainer basket and volute, and 2-inch female NPT inlet/outlet ports. EPDM/316SS mechanical seal. Compatible with a wide assortment of cleaning and filtration systems. Clear lid for easy inspection. Self-priming, also suitable for flooded suction applications. One-year warranty. UL778 listed. Not certified for use on swimming pools.

Note: Optional 3ft, 115V, 20 amp power cord, model 79137800-AQ (not included), is compatible with 115V Sparus and Taurus pumps. Cord kit includes a NEMA 5-15 three-prong plug and a 1/2” NPT cord-grip-gland with strain relief. UL listed. One-year warranty.

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