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Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Acquires PR Aqua

“The addition of PR Aqua complements our ability to meet the increasing market demand for cutting edge technology,
equipment and engineered solutions as a comprehensive single source provider.”
- Karl Frykman, President of Pentair’s Aquatic Systems.

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Legacy PR Aqua contact information:

Our Nanaimo office is moving!  Effective July 20th our new address will be: 711 Poplar Street, Nanaimo, BC V9S 5L8.  Our phone numbers and email will remain the same.  Please make a note of it.

Customer service and technical support

Jamie Bridge


Ph: 250-824-0233


Ian Race


Ph: 250-824-0232

General Inquires

Ph: 250-714-0141

Fax: 250-714-0171

About PR Aqua

Aquaculture and Water Treatment Specialists

For over 25 years PR Aqua’s clients have been achieving improved efficiencies and productivity with help from the diverse Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing strengths of PR Aqua. Their depth of experience, knowledge, and expertise with intensive aquaculture systems gives them the edge in providing advanced technologies to meet their clients’ production expectations. Their success is measured by their clients’ success and the evidence can be seen in a wide variety of aquaculture applications in North America and around the World. From research facilities to hatcheries and grow out operations, PR Aqua is the name first considered as the most comprehensive solution provider in the aquaculture industry.

Design & Packaged Solutions Fish Culture Products Water Treatment Products
  • • Culture Systems
  • • Design Services
  • • Effluent Management
  • • Fish Handling
  • • Influent Treatment
  • • Recirculation Technologies
  • • Counting Fish
  • • Culture Tanks
  • • Grading Fish
  • • Moving Fish
  • • Biofiltration
  • • Disinfection
  • • Gas Balancing
  • • Oxygenation
  • • Solids Removal

PR Aqua

PR Aqua Design & Engineering

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) are becoming the dominant technology in aquaculture due to their ability to support dramatic increases in productivity. Well designed and properly operated RAS systems can offer:

  • • Increased Production
  • • Improved Functionality
  • • Improved Reliability
  • • Improved Fish Health
  • • Reduced Cost of Production
  • • Superior Environmental Security
  • • Greater Process Control

The design teams at PR Aqua have designed, supplied, and constructed many successful RAS systems around the world. Today they provide clients with proven design and equipment solutions for influent control, culture treatment, and effluent management, in addition to complete culture systems. They have the experience and resources to deliver the most appropriate solutions to meet your needs.

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Culture Tank Systems

From conservation hatcheries to commercial operations, PR Aqua works with you to develop an integrated life support system tailored to your species and goals.

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PR Aqua Rotofilter™ Drum Filter

PR Aqua Rotofilters are trusted by facilities worldwide for critical filtration needs. Constructed of the highest-quality materials and engineered for the rigors of commercial aquaculture, PR Aqua Rotofilters provide exceptional reliability and a long service life.

View PR Aqua Rotofilter Drum Filters

Oxytower™ Gas Treatment System

PR Aqua’s OxyTower Gas Treatment Systems for culture water deliver maximum value, performance, and security to aquaculture operators. One rugged, compact unit removes carbon dioxide and oxygenates water. The cost-effective design can be used in partial reuse systems, in recirculating aquaculture systems, or in flow-through systems.

View Oxytower Gas Treatment System


Vacuum Degassers

The PR Aqua Vacuum Degasser is an open bottom column designed to be installed in a header tank containing water to a required depth. 

View Vacuum Degassers

Carbon Dioxide Stripper

Carbon Dioxide Strippers are ideal for water reuse and recirculating aquaculture systems. PR Aqua offers seven sizes for flow rates up to 2,000 gpm.

View Carbon Dioxide Strippers

Low Head Oxygenators

The Low Head Oxygenator (LHO) System supersaturates water with oxygen without using high pressure pumps or compressed oxygen typical of other oxygenation equipment. PR Aqua customizes LHOs to meet desired oxygenation results, footprint restrictions, and flow rate requirements.

View Low Head Oxygenators

AeroBoost™ Airlift Pumps

AeroBoost™ Airlift Pumps provide a low-cost, decentralized approach to water reuse for aquaculture systems. AeroBoost uses air injection to circulate and aerate the water in both circular and raceway culture tanks.

View AeroBoost Airlift Pumps

PR Aqua Heathro™ Live Fish & Shrimp Pump

To protect your investment during handling operations, you need a safe, gentle, fast way to transfer fish. Aquaculturists around the world use the Heathro Pump to move salmon, trout, char, tilapia, and a variety of other species.

View PR Aqua Heathro Live Fish & Shrimp Pump



Equipment that is designed with the user in mind and built to meet the challenges of continuous use is a fundamental requirement of any profitable aquaculture venture. Their experience and track record for providing reliability, energy efficiency, and ease of operation, is evidenced in the quality of every product family they deliver, including:

  • • Biomass Inventory Management
  • • Culture Tanks
  • • Filtration
  • • Fish Handling
  • • Oxygenation
  • • Specialized Equipment


PR Aqua’s reputation of trust and respect among their customers is a direct result of their uncompromising commitment to their success.