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Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Acquires Point Four

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems annouced the aquisition of Point Four Systems on October 15, 2012

“Point Four Systems adds critical water quality technology to Pentair's equipment portfolio while increasing our global reach."
- Karl Frykman, President of Pentair’s Aquatic Systems.

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 Point Four™ Monitors & Controllers

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems is committed to innovation, technology and design solutions for every aspect of all types of aquatic systems, from commercial aquaculture to large-scale aquariums to lake and pond management. To maintain and ensure the balance of these complex environments, Pentair’s range of Point Four™ monitoring and controlling equipment gives you the peace of mind to know your investment is in good hands. From energy-efficient drum filter control to remote monitoring of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), Point Four monitors and controllers have you covered.

Whether you’re in need of design services for monitoring and controlling a new operation, or compatible technology and support for an existing site, we will provide the expertise and equipment to address your specific needs.

With a world-class team of designers, engineers, biologists and technicians backed by the global resources of Pentair, we’re here to ensure your success.

Point Four Monitors and Controllers


Tracker Portable TGP Meter

The Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Point Four Tracker provides measurements for TGP (mmHg or % saturation), ΔP, barometric pressure (mmHg) and temperature (ºC).

Click here to view Tracker Portable TGP Meter


 Total Dissolved Gas Pressure (TGP) Transmitter

The Pentair Point Four Systems TGP Transmitter is a stand-alone probe for the measurement of total dissolved gas pressure. It provides measurement for TGP (mmHg or % saturation), ΔP (TGP-BP), barometric pressure (BP) (mmHg) and temperature (ºC).

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Point Four™ LC Water Monitor/Controller

The PT4 LC is a touch screen monitor/controller that provides clear and intuitive monitoring and control for all your water quality parameters. 

Click here to view LC Water Monitor/Controller


 Point Four™ RIU Remote Water Monitor/Controller

The original Remote Interface Unit (RIU) is a field-mounted single sensor transmitter/controller. The unit will accept inputs from any sensor providing a voltage, 4-20mA or thermistor input. Equipped with a large-font 8x2 backlit display, the user can view readings directly at the sensor location.

Click here to view RUI Remote Water Monitor/Controller


Point Four™ RIU3 Remote Water Monitor/Controller

The Point Four RIU3 (Next Generation Remote Interface Unit) offers a host of features suited to our customers’ detailed requirements for continuous monitoring & control of water parameters.

Click here to view RUI3 Remote Water Monitor/Controller


Sync HMI Software

Users can collect, manipulate and control all of their data via the Point Four RIU3 Controller, Point Four LC Touch Controller or using the Point Four Sync HMI Software (windows based).

Click here to view Sync HMI Software

Customized Controllers from Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems

No two aquatic applications are the same; and over the years, we’ve found that every real-world application has a unique set of needs. That’s why Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems offers a variety of controller solutions that deliver a wide-range of capabilities for monitoring and control of your specific system needs. Our custom-configured controller systems provide unparalleled visibility of your aquatic facilities’ unique parameters; along with the ability to monitor and control a nearly limitless number of system attributes and features.

Point Four Install


Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems employs a full-time team of pioneering engineers in our New Product Development (NPD) department. In order to meet our customer’s needs, our New Product Development team works through a detailed process which takes into account the needs of the end-user; determining how those needs can be met by a custom-configured controller solution.


The process starts with our highly-trained sales representatives, who work directly with customers to determine what’s needed for a particular application. Do you need to measure dissolved oxygen in the water, and control supplemental oxygen dosing if the level drops below a user-defined threshold? No problem… Do you want to have a touch screen that shows the flow rate, water temperature and salinity for each tank in your system? We can do that! What about sending you a text message or email if an alarm triggers a water leak when you’re not on site? No problem…


To put it simply; our highly-skilled team can combine sensors, relays, programmable logic controllers, touch screens, wireless systems and computers to provide a comprehensive overview of any number of system parameter that you desire; along with the ability to manipulate and change those parameters in real time. The possibilities are limitless, and the process starts as we work with you to determine which specific attributes of your system need to be monitored/controlled in order to allow the facility to operate in a stable, reliable manner.


As we work to understand the unique needs of your system and your specific operational goals, we’ll define the monitoring and control parameters by establishing a documented ‘Theory of Operation.’ This is a detailed set of specifications and operational information that is defined by us and approved by you. Once approved, the Theory of Operation is relayed to our Engineering dept. Then the Engineers get to work... For most solutions, we apply a layer of unique configuration and customization to one of our existing field-proven controller platforms (ex. Point Four™ C1210). Once we’ve outlined all the hardware and software, we’ll prepare a detailed cost quote which is presented to you for approval. Upon approval, our team gets to work assembling, programming and testing your tailor made controller. All monitoring and control equipment produced in the Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems production facility is backed by UL508A certification for the design and manufacturing of industrial control panels.


There are several customizable systems and a wide-array of sensors that we have applied to project installs in the past; including temperature, oxygen, and carbon dioxide sensors, as well as safety sensors to prevent floods or leaks. We can offer controllers for Commercial Aquaculture production that have the capability to manage pH dosing; altering the pH levels in the water automatically. Aquariums and zoos can use a customized Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems controller equipped with wind speed sensors. During periods of high wind, the controller can engage a variable frequency drive to attenuate the pump’s flow rate to prevent unwanted waterfall or fountain overspray. Our systems can also employ water level sensors to avoid spillover events in sensitive laboratory environments. We’ve even customized systems to allow users to control pump flow rate and oxygen dosing levels during periods of fish feeding to help prevent uneaten feed from being drawn into the filters; preventing costly waste and reducing unwanted filter fouling.

Additionally, our controllers offer many ways to access system data, even if you are not physically on site or in the lab. Remote text message capabilities can be set to provide reports or updates about the system to ensure things are running smoothly. While travelling, use your smartphone, laptop or tablet to display real-time system values, providing system data anytime from anywhere. In summary, if you can dream it; we can build it.


Once installed, our NPD team has the ability to do “live tweaks” to your system remotely and can adjust controls or sensors from an App located on a cellular device. Our global field service team can also provide in-person support for ongoing system maintenance and upgrades… In short, we understand the commitment required to provide top-notch service and support, and we are here when you need us.


We are prepared to work with you to create monitoring and control systems that solve challenges and create opportunities. Contact us today to determine how our specialized capabilities in the area of monitoring and control can meet the unique needs of your facility.

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