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Oxygen/Ozone Contact Cones PART #: OY30F-1 to OY140F-1

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Sweetwater cones are designed to optimize the saturation of gases in water, and gas transfer efficiencies of up to 100% are possible. Operation of the cone is simple: as water and gas (either pure oxygen, ozone or other gas) enter from the top at a relatively high velocity, the water shears and moves the bubbles downward. As the cone widens the velocity is reduced. The undissolved bubbles keep returning to the top, so only water without bubbles can exit the bottom. At higher pressures, the dissolved oxygen concentration may be increased significantly above saturation.

For example, a Sweetwater cone operating at only 10 psi can deliver water with a dissolved oxygen concentration above 25 mg/L. Sweetwater cones may be operated at a pressure of up to 21 psi. No matter what concentration of dissolved oxygen is needed, Pentair AES has the right cone for your application. Please contact a Pentair AES technician for assistance with sizing and complete skid systems.

Pump, Flow Meters, Flanges and Valves Sold Separately

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