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  • Wouldn’t your Father like a new Sparus Pump with Constant Flow Technology?

    Perhaps he really needs a Water Quality Monitoring system or even a new pair of Fuzzy Duck Gloves.

    During this Father's Day, we are offering a BIG DEAL! You can purchase a new Sparus Pump with Constant Flow Technology and receive a $100 rebate check! We are also offering FREE SHIPPING on ALL items if you need to stock up on something else.

    Go ahead and take advantage of these great offers while they last!
    Maybe he'll fancy a koi pond this summer season.

    Online Orders: PentairAES.com

    Email: AquacultureRebates@Pentair.com

    Phone Orders & Tech Advice: +1 407-886-3939

  • Inefficient pumps cost money. Now is the time to save!

    Our Sparus Pump with Constant Flow Technology offers the highest water flow rate of any high performance pump – with the lowest electricity consumption*. This pump automatically calculates and self-adjusts to provide the exact operational speed needed to deliver the exact flow rate you establish.

    The result of this breakthrough technology? The absolute minimum energy usage to deliver any given flow rate – saving you thousands of dollars per year in pump operating costs!

    Get the highest performance with the lowest possible energy consumption while taking advantage of Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems’ $100 rebate offer! For more information on this limited time offer, please visit pentairaes.com/sparus-rebate for order details.

    For a closer look at the Sparus Pump with Constant Flow Technology, visit our YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE8SSLyKD3g

    For Phone Orders & Tech Advice: +1 407-886-3939
    Email: AquacultureRebates@Pentair.com
    Online Orders: http://pentairaes.com/pentair-aquatic-eco-systems-sparustm-pump-with-constant-flow-technologytm.html 



  • Now is the time to buy! Take this opportunity to stock up on items you may need because Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems will be offering ALL items free ground shipping (FEDEX, LTLs, and TLs). This includes Continental United States, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. This offer does not include Mexico, international or priority (2 day, overnight) shipping.

    For phone orders & Tech Advice: +1 407-886-3939

    *Until July 20th, restrictions apply.

    *Exceptions: orders for Faivre or Arvotech that have to be drop shipped are excluded.

  • Our efforts in Aquaponics have been recognized in national media this week! Fast Company's reporter explains our leadership initiatives and the innovative process of our closed-loop recirculating aquaponics system at Urban Organics in St. Paul, Minnesota.

    Adam Bluestein of Fast Company also interviewed Pentair CEO Randy Hogan:

    "We believe that recirculating aquaculture systems like this are a technology that will allow us to sustainably feed the world and build a good, and big, business. We want to be the ‘Intel Inside’ that helps the process work."
    Randy Hogan, Fast Company, 5/21/14

    You may learn more about our exciting project and share the news here!




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