Sampling and Measurement

Sampling and Measurement

A complete selection of sampling and measurement tools includes samplers, Secchi disks, fish measuring boards, flow meter and more.

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  1. LaMotte® Water Sampler

    LaMotte® Water Sampler


    Recommended for water 1 - 20 meters in depth
    Collect samples from depths between one and twenty meters. Its inner collection chamber allows dissolved oxygen samples to be "fixed" prior to removal. Outer chamber (1,200 mL) is clear acrylic. A thermometer clip, weight and two extra inner collection chambers are included. Weighs 4 lbs. Made in USA.


    LaMotte® is a registered trademark of LaMotte Chemical Products, Co.

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  2. Bottom Sampling Dredge

    Bottom Sampling Dredge


    What does your bottom look like? Our stainless steel dredge features a bottom sensing closure that eliminates the need for a messenger weight! This dredge is a convenient sediment-collecting device for mud, sand, ooze and light gravel. A newly designed trigger insures that the jaws stay open during descent. Sampling volume is 110 in3. Sampling area covered by open dredge: 45 in2 (114.3 cm2). Actual weight is 3 lbs. Made in USA. Learn More
  3. Plankton Net, Sampling

    Plankton Net, Sampling


    Large, cone-shaped net has 153-micron mesh net that measures 38" long with a 12" mouth opening. The net mouth is braced by a sturdy brass ring and wire harness. There is a 50-mL collecting bottle at the end of the net. Learn More
  4. Periphyton Sampler

    Periphyton Sampler


    Ideal for sampling algae or zebra mussels.
    This artificial substrate sampler can be placed in a stream, reservoir or lake and is secured by means of a line or anchor. It is left in place for two weeks, in which time algae grow on the glass slides. At the end of the sampling period, the slides are removed and the algae and other growths can be examined for identification and counting. Glass microscope slides are held firmly in place in a removable slide tray. The rugged slide tray holds up to 8 slides. Two polyurethane floats keep the sampler self-righting and allow it to float inconspicuously. Meets EPA recommendations. Measures 14 3/4" x 7 3/4" x 6 1/2", complete with 16 slides. Weighs 2 lbs. Learn More
  5. Miniature Plankton Net, 80 Microns

    Miniature Plankton Net, 80 Microns


    Plankton nets have a 5" (12.7 cm) diameter net mouth and measure 15" (38 cm) long. The net mouth has a stainless steel ring with nylon tow lines attached through grommets.

    Nets include a 125-mL sampling bottle. The small mouth-to-net ratio (3:1) makes them good for shallow water sampling.

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  6. Bottom Grab

    Bottom Grab


    This benthic sampler is designed for taking samples on soft muck, mud or fine, peaty material. Made of 316 stainless steel, it requires a messenger to release the two-pin jaw. Uses 11-oz messenger (SBK2 or SBK3—not included) and 3/16" braided line. Weighs 10 lbs. Made in USA.

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