Heaters & Chillers

Heaters & Chillers

A complete selection of heaters to maintain water temperature for warmwater species, along with a complete selection of chillers to maintain water temperature for coldwater species.

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  1. Floating Pond De-Icer

    Floating Pond De-Icer


    Perfect for small fish ponds.
    This 1,250-watt floating de-icer is designed to prevent your pond surface from freezing over during the winter months. The unit turns on/off automatically during times of freezing temperatures (approximately 40°F), and it can be safely positioned around plants or other objects in the pond. 10' power cord, UL-listed. Ship weight 4 lbs. Three-year warranty. Learn More
  2. Air-Cooled Coil Water Chillers

    Air-Cooled Coil Water Chillers

    Starting at: $1,609.00

    Aqua Logic® Cyclone® Coil Water Chillers are perfect for hydroponics, fisheries research, education systems, emergencies, and use in high organics. Learn More
  3. Air-Cooled Trimline Water Chillers

    Air-Cooled Trimline Water Chillers

    Starting at: $1,049.00

    These Aqua Logic® TRIMLINE air cooled, titanium water chillers have the same reliable design and features as the Aqua Logic® Delta Star® and Cyclone® Chillers but in a more compact package. Learn More
  4. Air-Cooled Water Chillers

    Air-Cooled Water Chillers

    Starting at: $5,309.00

    Aqua Logic® Multi Temp Air-Cooled Water Chillers are used in aquaculture, public aquariums, live seafood holding and hydroponics systems. Learn More
  5. Heat Cool Pumps

    Heat Cool Pumps

    Starting at: $9,439.00

    Titan Air Cooled Heat Pumps by Aqua Logic® are designed for a wide range of applications such as a public aquarium, aquaculture facility, government or university research institution or hydroponics operation.

    Learn More
  6. In-Line Water Heaters

    In-Line Water Heaters

    Starting at: $649.99

    The Aqua Logic® in-line heaters are easy to install and available in both stainless steel and titanium. Learn More
  7. Air Cooled Heat Pumps

    Air Cooled Heat Pumps

    Starting at: $1,829.00

    Aqua Logic® Delta Star® Air Cooled Heat Pumps automatically handle both heating and cooling duties in fresh and saltwater applications. Learn More
  8. Water to Water Heat Exchanger Packages

    Water to Water Heat Exchanger Packages

    Starting at: $768.99

    Aqua Logic® complete, water-to-water heat exchanger packages are engineered for hot and cold water loop systems. The compact design and quiet operation make these systems perfect for indoor applications.

    Learn More
  9. Aquarium Chillers

    Aquarium Chillers

    Starting at: $565.99

    Easy to install high-performance units with titanium exchanger Get stable, consistent temperatures from these Teco SEACHILL® Tank aquarium chillers. Learn More
  10. XLHP® High Performance Heat/Cool Pumps

    XLHP® High Performance Heat/Cool Pumps

    Starting at: $4,925.00

    With today’s record energy costs, there’s never been a better time to invest in a Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems XLHP High Performance Heat/Cool pump. Compared to gas, oil or electric heaters, XLHP High Performance Heat/Cool Pumps use just a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat. In fact, just 20¢ worth of electricity produces $1.00 worth of heat generated by other methods. Lifetime Warranty- Titanium Heat Exchanger. 10-yr Warranty-Compressor Parts/Labor. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 27 total

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