If you're raising coldwater species of fish, you'll need water chiller equipment to help maintain the temperature of your water. We carry both large and small water chillers, including drop-in tank chiller devices, in-line chillers, and saltwater-friendly marine chillers. In addition, we have a range of chiller barrel packages, cooling fans, heat exchangers, and heat pumps. You'll find all of the water chiller equipment you need at Pentair AES.

In-line chillers are available both as air cooled and water cooled, depending on how the unit disperses heat. Which type is better for your tank will vary based on factors such as space, location, and ambient air temperature. No plumbing is needed with coil tank chillers, which simply drop a cooling coil into the water to chill it, but water circulation is required. Chiller barrels use refrigerant to cool water, and do need an external condensing unit. If you have a smaller bait or research tank, an ice probe may be your best option. These small, low-power water chillers can chill 10 gallons of water to 20°F below the surrounding temperature.

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Find a complete selection of water chillers to maintain water temperature for coldwater species of fish from the aquaculture pros at Pentair AES.