Hatchery Supplies

Hatchery Supplies

Our hatchery supplies include fish graders, fish pumps, hatching jars, trays and troughs, and shipping bags and accessories.

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  1. Floating Adjustable Fish Graders

    Floating Adjustable Fish Graders

    Starting at: $699.89

    These manual adjustable fish graders save time and effort. Sturdy aluminum construction will stand up to rough handling and tough fish. No more need to change baskets for different size fish. Learn More
  2. Catheter Tubing

    Catheter Tubing

    Starting at: $3.09

    This PTFE tubing is commonly used for sampling egg stage development in brood stock. Learn More
  3. Conical Hatching Jar

    Conical Hatching Jar

    From: $10.89

    To: $722.66

    Molded from polycarbonate, this tank can be used for hatching both rotifers and Artemia. Tank measures 131/2" in diameter, 24" high and includes a clear lid. It produces up to 300 cc (20 tablespoons) of cysts in 5 gallons of water. The stand measures 131/2" in diameter, 19" high and features a bottom access port to the drain valve. The hatcher includes clear lid, rigid air tube, 8' aquarium tubing and drain valve. Air pump sold separately. Ships Oversize. Learn More
  4. Profibreed Grader and Grids

    Profibreed Grader and Grids

    From: $150.59

    To: $390.68

    The FIAP profibreed grader is made from water-resistant, impregnated wood and is ideally suitable for fry grading. Two affixed plastic handles and the unit's floatability enable extremely convenient manual grading of your fish. Measures 497 x 285 x 110 mm.

    FIAP profibreed grading grids are made from salt water-resistant aluminum and have gap widths ranging from 2.0 to 10.0 mm. Accurate gap sizes ensure consistent grading results. All grids measure 497 x 285 x 18 mm.

    Learn More
  5. Live Fish Shipping Bags

    Live Fish Shipping Bags

    From: $7.79

    To: $582.86

    We've expanded our line of fish bags to include a variety of sizes to fit every application. The bags are either 3- or 4-mil linear polyethylene and are either single-sealed on the bottom (like standard pet shop bags) or triple-sealed to form a square bottom (to fit the 90º corners of the shipping box). Due to the strength of these bags, it is not necessary to "double bag" as with most others. For a quick closure, try our banding tool on page 357. Custom sizes available in case quantities. Made in USA.

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  6. Mini Egg Hatching Jar

    Mini Egg Hatching Jar


    Commonly used for keeping pelagic and loose benthic fish eggs in circulation during the incubation period. Learn More
  7. Hatching Jar and Hanger

    Hatching Jar and Hanger

    From: $10.99

    To: $109.88

    This McDonald-type hatching jar has become the industry standard. It is a high-impact, all-plastic egg hatching system. Learn More
  8. Handling Tray and Box

    Handling Tray and Box

    Starting at: $23.79

    Handling harvested fish is a lot easier when you have the right tools. Learn More

Items 11 to 18 of 18 total

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