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Great Lakes® Aeration, DA1B System PART #: DA1B to DA1BNC

The Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Great Lakes® Aeration Systems are complete and ready-to-go packages that include everything you need: efficient rocking piston air compressor, synergistic diffuser manifolds, and easy-to-install weighted or unweighted tubing.  These systems are offered with or without a heavy-duty aluminum cabinet.  These cabinets are lockable, all-weather, ventilated, sound-reducing, and are easily installed on a post, pier or boathouse, or on the ground with an optional base (model DABASE). Systems with weighted tubing do not require bricks or ties and install much easier and faster than systems with unweighted tubing.  To keep from bringing electricity to the lake, the compressor can be located up to 1,000' away with additional P200S tubing.  The entire system can be shipped Ground.  One-year warranty.

DA1C Systems include ¼HP, 115/230V 50/60Hz compressor, one 4-diffuser manifold, choice of 100’ weighted or unweighted tubing, and offered with or without cabinet. For use in lakes ⅛ up to 1½ acres in size and from 3 – 20’ deep. 

DA2C Systems include ½HP, 115/230V 50/60Hz compressor, two 4-diffuser manifolds, choice of 200’ weighted or unweighted tubing, and offered with or without cabinet. For use in lakes ¼ up to 3 acres in size and from 3 – 20’ deep.

DA3C Systems include ½HP, 115 or 230V 50/60Hz compressor, one 6-diffuser manifold, and offered with or  without cabinet. Weighted 5/8" tubing, WD1R, is sold separately and required for DA3C systems.  For use in lakes ¾ up to 4 acres in size and from 5 – 20’ deep.

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ModelCabinetWeighted TubingUnweighted Tubing Price Qty
Model DA1BNC
Weighted TubingNo
Unweighted TubingYes