Fluidized Bed

Fluidized Bed

Effective tools for removing ammonia and nitrite from water, fluidized bed filters from Pentair AES are quiet, efficient, and simple to use. They are an increasingly popular method of biofiltration, offering better efficiency and less fouling than sponge or trickle filters. Fluidized filters offer more biologically active surface area than many other types of biofilters and are very cost effective. They are a good option for large aquarium tanks, aquaculture systems, seafood holding systems, and other applications.

Because untreated water flows up through bottom of the fluidized sand bed filter, it keeps the media circulating and helps to ensure the proper levels of nitrifying bacteria in the sand. The simplicity of the design means that these filters require relatively little maintenance, although the pump should be cleaned regularly and the sand should be checked periodically to ensure that it has not settled or been depleted. Fluidized bed filters do require a constant, consistent flow of water to prevent the sand from settling and clumping.

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Remove ammonia and nitrite from water using reliable fluidized bed filters from Pentair AES. Several sizes are available for different applications.