Clear up cloudy, white water without the use of harmful chemicals.

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  1. AlgaeFix®, 4 oz

    AlgaeFix®, 4 oz


    AlgaeFix® from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals is an EPA-registered clarifier that effectively controls many types of algae in freshwater aquariums. It clears up "green water" algal blooms, blue-green algae and most types of string algae. Can be used safely in freshwater tanks containing live plants and fish.

    Do not use AlgaeFix® with crustaceans, including crabs, freshwater shrimp and freshwater lobsters. One 4-oz bottle treats approximately 1,200 gallons.

    Note: Cannot be sold in New York.

    International customers: Check with your customs agent to determine whether this product can be shipped to your country.


    AlgaeFix® is a registered trademark of Mars Fishcare North America, Inc.


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  2. Barley Straw Pellets, 10.5 Lbs

    Barley Straw Pellets, 10.5 Lbs


    Barley straw pellets are made from concentrated, organic barley straw enriched with peat and humate. About 2 lbs will treat 150 gallons for up to one year or 400 gallons for up to four months. For 150 gallons of clear water, apply 4 ounces every six weeks. For 150 gallons of turbid water, apply 9 ounces every six weeks. Each bag includes a graduated measuring cup.

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  3. SeaKlear® Natural Clarifier

    SeaKlear® Natural Clarifier


    Natural Clarifier clears up cloudy water by causing particulates to clump together and be easily caught on mechanical filters. It also removes excess oils to prevent scum at the water line. Biodegradable and usuable with all sanitizers, it is safe for plants, animals, fish and the environment. 55-gal drum also available; call for price.


    SeaKlear® is a registered trademark of Halosource, Inc.

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  4. ProLine® Defoamer

    ProLine® Defoamer


    Instantly eliminates foam.
    Our defoamer is a high-quality, 5% food grade, silicone-based product that will instantly eliminate surface foam in tanks, ponds, hauling tanks, etc. Use sparingly, as one teaspoon treats 100 gallons or more. This is a great price on a high-quality defoamer. Made in USA. Learn More
  5. Barley Straw

    Barley Straw


    Year after year, we hear good comments from barley straw users. It's a natural and ecologically sound method to clear water, and you only need to use one 1/2-lb bag per 1,000 gallons. Works for up to 6 months. Learn More

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