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Calcium Reactors PART #: SC2452 to SC2454

Jetstream Pico

Suitable for aquariums up to 158 gallons (600 liters). The reaction chamber holds .8 liters of calcium media (not included) and has a max output of 60 mL/min. Includes bubble counter. Pump required but not included—we recommendPU181. Two-year limited warranty.

Jetstream 1

Suitable for systems up to 800 gallons (3,000 liters). Vertically mounted on an ABS board. Reaction chamber holds 2.5 liters of coral sand (not included) and has a max output of 120 mL/min. Includes bubble counter and 115V/60 Hz pump. Two-year limited warranty.

Jetstream 2

Suitable for systems from 800 to 2,500 gallons (3,000 to 9,400 liters). Reaction chamber holds 7.5 liters of coral sand (not included). Includes bubble counter and 115V/60 Hz pump mounted on board. Two-year limited warranty.

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ModelLengthWidthHeight Price Qty
SC2452 5"6"16"
SC2453 13"6"24"
SC2454 18"8"36"
Model SC2452 SC2453 SC2454