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Cable Ties PART #: T18R to T21084

These high-quality, US-made ties are built with carbon black for the best protection against UV light. Use for cage construction, bundling wires, hanging air lines, etc. Releasable ties are just as strong but can be reused, perfect for extension cords and rope storage. Keep different sizes on hand. Tensile strength can be doubled by wrapping the tie around the object twice, tripled by wrapping 3 times, etc. Sold per package. USA.

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ModelWidthLengthTypeStrengthDiameter Price Qty
T120R .30"15 1/2"Cable Ties120 lbs4"
T21081 .50"20"Releasable Tie250 lbs5"
Model T120R T21081
Length15 1/2"20"
TypeCable TiesReleasable Tie
Strength120 lbs250 lbs