Growing Media

Growing Media

Media that promotes optimal growing for seedlings and cuttings.

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  1. Rockwool® Mini-Blocks

    Rockwool® Mini-Blocks


    These small blocks are ideal for both seed and cutting propagation. They are designed to be transplanted directly to other media and not intended to be used with larger Rockwool® blocks. Learn More
  2. CocoTek Coir Bale, 5 kg

    CocoTek Coir Bale, 5 kg


    This organic growing medium consists of three different types of compressed coco coir. A high-quality, low-sodium, environmentally friendly alternative to sphagnum peat moss. When hydrated with water, CocoTek rapidly expands, saving time and effort. Use by themselves or mix with expanded clay pellets, perlite or topsoil. Learn More
  3. Cocogro® Coir Fiber Brick

    Cocogro® Coir Fiber Brick


    This premium coir fiber has a low salt content and no chemical treatment. Its doublesleeved 3/4" long fibers provide an optimal air to water ratio and reduced dust, which means stronger root development. Cocogro® fiber is aged at least 18 months, so it has longer usability. And it has excellent drainage properties. 100% recyclable. Expands to approximately 1/3 cu. ft. of media. Learn More
  4. Perlite



    Coarse perlite (siliceous rock) is one of the best hydroponic media commonly used. It has high water-holding capacity and fertilizer retention. It has neutral pH, is sterile and weed free. Ideal for tray systems, bag systems and deep nutrient trough systems. Sold in four cubic foot bags. Weighs 20 lbs. Learn More
  5. Hortifiber Rockwool® Propagation Cubes

    Hortifiber Rockwool® Propagation Cubes


    These small cubes are ideal for starting seedlings and cuttings and fit nicely into 2" net pots, seedling trays or directly into a growing media. Cubes have a small hole in the center for seed placement. Learn More
  6. Rockwool® Propagation Blocks

    Rockwool® Propagation Blocks


    Once seedlings have developed in the propagation cubes, the entire cube can then be transferred to these propagation blocks. Learn More
  7. Gold Label Hydrocorn

    Gold Label Hydrocorn


    This lightweight clay aggregate is an excellent growing medium for any hydroponic system. Learn More
  8. OASIS Horticubes

    OASIS Horticubes


    Start seeds and root cuttings right with OASIS Horticubes, 1" Medium Thin Cut! Because cubes are pH neutral and extremely porous, they are multi-purpose and work especially well in hydroponics systems Learn More

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