Meet just a few of Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Technicians.


Ricardo Arias

Ricardo graduated from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and minor in chemistry. He completed aquaculture training in Pusan, South Korea, and then worked in shrimp culture, tilapia culture and tropical fish breeding. Ricardo was also in charge of developing the Aquaculture Experimental Station at the Universidad Central del Este, Dominican Republic.

Kristine Albrechtsen

Kristine has an Export Engineering background, bridging technical and commercial/legal aspects. She has 15 years of global operational and management experience with project oriented service, consultancy and technology to the pharmaceutical, food and aquaculture industry. Prior to joining Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems in May 2016, she worked as Global Account Manager, Commercial Director and General Manager, been involved in aquaculture project development and execution globally, mainly focusing on project execution and commercial aspects.

Constance Beaulaton

Constance received a bachelor's degree in biological sciences & aquaculture from Florida Institute of Technology. She mainly worked in commercial aquaculture on recirculating systems, water chemistry and farm management. Constance has extensive knowledge in sturgeon, larval rearing, husbandry duties, gender differentiation with ultrasound, fish purging and harvesting.

Caroline Capobianco

Caroline received her B.S. in Marine Biology from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL and her M.Sc. in Marine Biology from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She has a diverse background in coral, fish, aquatic plants, and algae. She is currently focusing on water quality testing and live feed production.

Hernan Casasbuenas

Hernan received his Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of Nevada and his Fisheries Scientist Certification from the American Fisheries Society. Hernan's design and management experience includes hatcheries, floating cage cultures and fish culture farms, with concentration on rainbow trout and tilapia.


Brian Catanzaro

Brian holds a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Studies from Ohio University and and Associate's Degree in Fish and Wildlife Management from Hocking College. He has been heavily involved with the aquaculture and lake management industries for over two decades. His experience includes fish hatchery management, recirculating aquaculture system design, water quality monitoring and control, and developing lake management plans.

Dr. Jason Danaher

Dr. Jason Danaher received his Ph.D. in fisheries and aquaculture from Auburn University. He has worked with warm water aquaponic systems for the past 8 years and other methods to integrate aquaculture with horticulture. He also has experience with tilapia and freshwater prawn production systems.

Cullen Danner

Cullen received his B.A. in environmental and aquatic sciences from the University of Central Florida. He worked as a consultant to the energy industry for environmental compliance and mitigation issues concerning marine mammals in the Gulf of Mexico. Cullen also has experience with pest and weed control and environmental restoration.

Matthew Dawson

Matt graduated from the University of Miami with a B.S. in Marine Science and Biology and late received his M.S. in Marine Science from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. His experience includes managing small and large-scale recirculating systems in both the aquaculture and aquarium industries. Matt has also completed work in finfish nutrition and production of live feeds.

Dennis DeLong

Dennis received his Bachelor's degree in biology from West Virginia University, and his Master of Science degree in management from North Carolina State University. Beginning in aquaculture in 1978, he has extensive experience in pond aquaculture of freshwater prawns and in the design, construction and operation of recirculating aquaculture systems. He previously managed the North Carolina Fish Barn project and provided aquaculture extension assistance at North Carolina State University. 

Clarke DeWitt

Clarke graduated from Brunswick Community College in Supply, NC, with an A.S. degree in aquaculture technology. His technical experience includes hatchery management, aquatic weed control and aquarium supplies. 

Mikel Ferri

Mikel received both  his Bachelor's in electrical engineering and Master's in Business Administration from Olivet Nazarene University. His past experience includes water reclamation for power plants and mining applications. He has experience in instrumentation, controls and product development.

Marcela Hincapie 

Marcela has a B.S. degree in marine biology from UJTL in Colombia and an M.S. degree from the University of Maine. She has worked in the marine and freshwater aquaculture field raising different species of shrimp and fish in flow-through and recirculation systems in warm and coldwater environments. Her specialties include hatchery and growout phase.

Reymond Janssen

Reymond graduated from North Island College in Campbell River B.C., receiving a diploma in industrial automation and an Electronics Technician Certificate. Prior to attending school, his work experience was installing, maintaining and repairing pools and spas. He is currently working to become a Journeyman Industrial Instrumentation Technician.

Richard D. Jones

Rick received his M.S. in biological and agricultural engineering from North Carolina State University. His graduate work included extensive research on filtration and water recirculation. He has also participated in the design, construction and maintenance of commercial-scale aquaculture facilities and public aquariums. Rick is a certified Engineer-in-Training.

Ryan Karcher

Ryan received his A.S. degree in aquaculture from Hillsborough Community College. His technical experience includes ornamental hatchery management, hormone-induced spawning and aeration and recirculating system design. He also has experience in home aquarium design and maintenance.

Ryan Kilmartin

Ryan graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in aquaculture and fishery technology. He worked for the university, maintaining a number of small fresh and saltwater recirculation and flow-through systems of larval and adult finfish. He also works with zoo and aquarium facilities.

Gmerice Lafayette

Gmerice received her B.S. in biology and environmental health science from the University of Georgia and earned a master's degree in environmental health too. She has experience in aquatic toxicity, coral growth and nutrient uptake, aquatic plant mineral uptake, water quality testing and water quality adjustment with various types of chemical filtration media.

Dr. Thomas Losordo

Dr. Losordo received his M.S. in agricultural engineering from the University of Hawaii and his Ph.D. in agricultural engineering from the University of California, Davis. As a professor and extension aquaculture specialist at North Carolina State University, he provided state-wide technical assistance to the agribusiness community in the area of aquaculture and aquacultural engineering. This included traveling to over 490 farms and providing solutions to problems in aquaculture associated with these and other aquaculture sites. He has provided consulting services on aquaculture projects around the world for over 20 years, and is a past president of both the World Aquaculture Society and the Aquacultural Engineering Society.

Dr. Luca Micciche

Dr. Luca Micciche’ is the Sales Manager of Southeast Asia (SEA)/ China region. Luca comes to us from the WorldFish, as an Aquaculture Consultant and Field Operations Manager. Luca brings experience from a number of countries in which he has worked, including Italy, Chile, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia. His knowledge of the aquaculture industry comes from working with an array of species including bivalve shellfish, shrimp, finfish and microalgae. Luca’s project experience includes economic feasibility studies and development of sustainable business models for aquaculture enterprises in Asia, in addition to developing production methods for new aquaculture species. Luca will be based in Penang, Malaysia.

Kevin Quinn

Kevin received both his Bachelor of Science and master's degrees in zoology from Eastern Illinois University. He has experience in mushroom cultivation and as an aquaculture technician. His specialties include aeration, diffusers and the control of zebra mussels.

Kristin Riddle

Kristin has a B.S. in marine biology, a B.S. in environmental science and a minor in Forensic Science from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Her undergraduate honors research focused on oyster recruitment rates in the Eastern Oyster. Her interests are in environmental marine research and wildlife rehabilitation.

Melyna Silva

Melyna Silva received her M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from the University of The South Pacific, Fiji Islands and a B.S. in Biology from the National University of the Peruvian Amazon. Melyna is an Aquaponics Technician at the PAES Aquaponics Demonstration faclities. She has additional practical and research experience in the reproductive biology, induced fish spawning and pond-management of native Amazon basin fish species. She has also conducted research in water pollution from aquaculture and other industries effluents in the South Pacific. 

Greg Trusso

Greg received a B.S. in marine biology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He has worked with recirculating aquaculture systems and in retail aquarium sales, and he has performed research on fish nutrition


Abby Walker

Abby received her B.S. in environmental science from Springfield College in Massachusetts and her M.S. in zoology from the University of New Hampshire. She specializes in recirculating systems for aquaculture and has done research on fish nutrition and larvaculture.

Genny West

Genny has worked in the aquaculture industry for 20 years. She received her Mechanical Engineering Technology diploma from Camosun College in Victoria, BC, and worked in the design end of the industry for 10 years before moving into technical sales. Genny specializes in water treatment equipment for large scale aquaculture and public aquarium facilities.

Aaron Cragun

Aaron received his B.S. in Ecology, with a minor in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences from Purdue University. He has experience in culturing coho salmon, rainbow trout, tilapia, and yellow perch, both in smaller research settings, as well as large-scale commercial settings. Aaron also has experience in recirculating aquaculture systems design and maintenance.

Tom Drury

Tom graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia. He also received a master's degree in aquaculture from the University of Miami. His graduate work focused on marine finfish culture in RAS and offshore cages, and shrimp production in biofloc systems. He has extensive knowledge regarding shrimp and tilapia production in biofloc RAS systems.